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SHPP Podivić, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The investor in the Small Hydro Power Plant on the Kasindolska river was the company BUK d.o.o, Eastern Sarajevo. Our company supplied all machinery and the control system as a 'turnkey' solution.

Water from the river is fed to the power plant with net head of 128.4 m. The flow through the power plant is 0.95 m3/s and is divided to two turbosets. Each turboset has a flow of 0.475 m3/s.

Weir with water intake

In the machine room there are two horizontal spiral Francis turbines with an overhung runner on shafts for synchronous generators with an overall output of 995 kW.

Horizontal Francis turbine

Peek to the machine room

The control system of the power plant is a programmable UNITRONICS UniStream 15.6" with HMI interface, and it is placed on the door of the switchboard. It is accompanied with Windows operating system, which is connected to the UniStream via SCADA system HONEYWELL Experion PKS HS. Small Hydro Power Plant Podivić is accessible for remote operators via TeamViewer or VNC Viewer. The UniStream control system also sends alarm messages to the operator's remote devices.

Konzultation by switchboards

The power plant is complemented with continuous monitoring via camera system. These cameras are situated in and outside of the machine room, and two new cameras will be implemented on the water intake facilities.

Building of hte power plant

Location of the powe plant Podivić

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