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The SH Control Ltd. company was established in 1992 from engineers dealing with the implementation and maintenance of management systems in the petrochemical industry. It has become a major supplier of software for Honeywell control systems in the petrochemical and heating plant industry.  Our engineers have great knowledge and practical skill in management of large-scale technological units, e.g. desulphurization of crude oil, production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), production of polystyrene, boiler and turbine management. Our employees also gained broad experience in the field of start-up of technology units, because they participate in putting of all our applications into operation.

In addition to the basic activities we have great experience with small hydro power plants management. Our research department developed specialized control system and wide range of necessary measuring instruments and electrical protections. After large number of applications we have gained rich practice in the management of synchronous and asynchronous generators and power plants operating both in the island mode and parallel operation. We deliver also the applications with optimizing turbines outputs for run-of-river power stations.

Current news

Khladilnik hydroelectric power station, Bulgaria

25/09/2012 - Our biggest hydroelectric power station project was completed in spring this year.

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