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Power engineering

Main activities of our company in this field:
• Development testing and implementation of software
• Comprehensive solutions from design to delivery and realization of control systems in wide range of energetic facilities
• Specialized system services, technical support, commissioning of the operating units
• Project analysis, preparing of documents, training of technical staff, consultations and advisory services

Our solutions are based on HONEYWELL redundant distributed control systems with high level of performance and excellent data protection. Reliability of our products is approved in rugged environment of heat plants and power plants in Czech Republic and abroad.
Main stages of development and realization:
• solution analysis
• project documentation (model of proposed solution both in logical and in physical level)
• comissioning (system integration and testing), providing of user and expert training
• documentation of real state of equipment (analysis and operation manuals, user manuals), project documentation (testimonials, declarations of conformity)
• operation, providing of service, technical support and support of consequential development

Our valid customers:
Heat plant Dalkia Trmice
Heat plant Michle
Heat plant Plzeň (Pilsen)
Steel works US Steel Smederevo (Serbia)
Power Plant BERt Kelenföld (Hungary)

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