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SHPP Antalieptes, Lithuania

The investor of the power plant in Antalieptes was the company VAIZGA UAB, Mazeikiai. For them our company prepared machinery, electrical switchboard 0.4 and 6 kV and a complete control system for system management of all four turbines as a 'turnkey' solution.
Overall installed output of the SHPP is 3400 kW (1000 kW + 1000 kW + 1050 kW + 350 kW).

Connection of the new turbine

Previous connected turbines

The control system for the power station is the HONEYWELL Experion PKSR300, with which our staff have extensive experience from other fields (the energy and chemical industries) and also was used for for a hydroelectric power station. The set also features a server, Windows operator station with one monitor and an HMI interface using a programmable UNITRONICS Vision 1040.

Programmers' station

The power station is constantly monitored via a camera system consisting of one Axis 214PTZ rotating camera and Vivotek fixed IP cameras.

Building of the power plant

Location of the power plant Antalieptes

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